Saturday, February 20, 2010


Not that we don't always have something to grip about when it comes to hockey aired on NBC, but this is just absolutely ridiculous when it comes to the Olympics. We're used to having to suffer through Pierre's long monologues before games and his "Inside the Glass" crap segments during game breaks, but this is when everyone in America is watching. This is USA Hockey's chance to show everyone how awesome of a sport hockey is and NBC is really screwing them over.

I don't know how many times NBC has cut in to a live game with only two minutes remaining in the first period. That's such bullshit. No one cares about women's curling... at least I don't.

NBC is sticking the much-hyped Canada-USA game on Sunday on CNBC. Really, NBC? That could be great for USA hockey, but no. Let's screw it up.

MAF is supposed to get the start on Sunday, so I hear, via twitter.... I can't confirm it though. That will be really exciting though. Seeing Sid wearing the A in the last game was special and great to see. He deserves it. From what I've seen, he's worked hard in these games so far, but that's not a stretch from his usual gameplay. We all know even when he gets three, he just goes for four. :)

Everyone is freaking out over Jagr's comments about being a free agent soon and how he's always talked about coming back to Pittsburgh and playing for Mario because he owes his entire hockey career to him and that he would play for the minimum salary. Makes me wonder about who the Pens would trade to get Jagr. People are hinting that maybe Feds won't make it through the deadline. We will see...

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