Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sod, links, n'at

I have been telling you how special Jordan Staal is for a while now, so what's better than reading about him some more? =) My friend Hooks Orpik over at Pensburgh wrote a nice piece about Staalsy in honor of his 300th game played. Please check it out. I hope Ray Shero loves JStaal as much as I do and will do whatever it takes to keep him in Pittsburgh for a long time to come. I know we don't have much salary cap room what with the likes of Malkin and Crosby, but Jordan is more than just a center and is worth keeping. I would hate for any of the Staal trade rumors to come true.

It appears there was some talk of Mario Lemieux and Ron Burkle wanting to buy the Pirates. This, of course, is a brilliant idea, even though I really could care less about baseball. The boys over at thePensblog have the story. You can read up on it here.

ESPN is also reporting on the subject, telling us that Pirates owner, Bob Nutting, says the team is not for sale. You can read that story here. It's more the legal money issues side of things...

"Lemieux, the Hall of Fame player, bought the Penguins in federal bankruptcy court in 1999 -- a year later, he came out of retirement became pro sports' first owner-player -- and has since seen them become one of the NHL's most successful franchises."

Dude, just sayin'...

How awesome would it be if Super Mario owned two-thirds of the professional sports teams in Pittsburgh?!

Read the articles and tell me what you think.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Lazy Sunday

One thing that was great this weekend was the chance to watch the Penguins on regular broadcasting, even if it was NBC and Pierre McGuire. I got to watch the Pens beat the Flyers, which is always a good time, and see the entire game which is something I don't often have the opportunity to do. This game was on at 9:30 in the morning , but it was worth waking up early to watch. Letang had a great game. He wasn't afraid to check guys and it's noticable that he's been fighting to get to the puck more in his last couple of games. It's great to see that extra effort is paying off for him. He was fierce on the ice Sunday. You've got to watch the highlights and check out his fight, even if it was short-lived. Awesome! It starts at about 1:56 into the video.
Billy G's moustache that night... epic!

Also, there is a great new Verzion commercial featuring the Penguins that first aired on Sunday.
Penguins fans truly are the best in the world!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Playing catch-up

Hey guys, sorry I know it's been awhile again. I'm not doing too well in January at posting everything. Here are a few videos that I wanted to share with you all from the past week or so.

First one is Kris Letang's adorableness on Inside Penguins Hockey. I realize this is only part 2 of the segment, but it's the funny part. If you want to see part 1 you can watch it here.

Watch at 2:30 into the video and also at 5:22. Listen to his answers.
The Sex hair is back!!!! haha

Kris Letang 1057393027, Dan 0

Steve Mears: "Best advice anyone ever gave you?"
Kris: "Never give up even if you're small and skinny."

Love it!

Second one is a secret hidden part 2 to the amazzzing Sid and Max dryer commercial which aired earlier this season. Those two are just hilarious together and so entertaining to watch.

The third one is Sidney's Tim Hortons commercial which just sends chills down my spine every time I watch it. It warms my heart. I die. Sid's voice-over is enough to make any girl's heart melt. It's precious.

The final video is the Pens and Pins event for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Geno is > all bowling. Watch how it appears he doesn't even put his fingers in the ball's holes, he just palms it and lets it go. He is adorable and his English is getting sooo good! :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

3rd line madness

Watch these highlights from a few games ago. I meant to post them earlier, but sometimes you get busy. Sorry for the delay and enjoy!

Penguins vs Flames (1-13-2010)

Crosby scored using one hand on his stick. That is impressive!

Jordan Staal minute mark: 2:39 to 2:55 watch him! just watch him, simply amazing! =)

MAF had some awesome saves in that game and TK, what a beast he is! Outr 3rd line is freakin' amazing. That's all you can say about them. They certainly defy ordinary every night they're out on the ice, giving it their all.

Penguins vs Oilers (1-14-2010)

Watch at 3:19 MAF is a BAMF!!! hardcore! Muurrrrderrrr! You can't spell BAMF without MAF! haha

This game was exciting because it was a come-from-behind win for the Pens. The game was hard to watch, but real fans watch the entire game and the 3rd period saw our outstanding 3rd line just come alive and attack the goal.

TK's goal was sick. Way to get us on the board. Our 2nd goal to tie the game at 2-2 was all Staal, COoke got the rebound. Excellent teamwork. And btw, OMG OMG it was a PP goal. What, our PP is still alive? Yes, just barely. Dupuis gets credit with the third goal, but Staalsy created that. Just beautiful hockey by Jordan Staal. Just a little tap and Dupes gets a stick on it and it finds its way into the net.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Staal > Kovalchuk

The Penguins were finally able to break their five-game losing streak.

Jordan Staal was a beast last night against the Thrashers.
He's got to be a plus-some kind of crazy number right now. He's got goals being scored every time he's on the ice. I can't believe that Yzerman didn't pick him for Team Canada. It's ridiculous! It was suggested earlier in the week that if Bergeron's injury had been worse, Jeff Carter would have taken his spot and not Jordan. Jordan had two goals in this game! It's too bad he couldn't get a hat trick. Tyler Kennedy was a big part of those goals. He plays so hard and it shows. Just a great job by those two guys. I love them.

Army tried to take out Staal at center ice (bad!) and Feds scored. Karma's a bitch, ain't it, Colby?

Here are the highlights of this great game.
It's so nice to see Kris Letang score a goal. I love him and I love that he nailed Kozlov. It was awesome! I wish we could get a clip of that!

Luca Caputi was in to replace injured Chris Kunitz and he definitely showed it was the right move on Dan Bylsma's part, by scoring on Malkin's beautiful pass. Geno owned that puck and brought it all the way into the zone on that play. He created that. Just amazing.

I hope Feds is ok after Colby kind of tripped him up and he went crashing into the net. I heard he was limping after the game.

And because I can't stop myself from posting a Staal interview, post-game interviews:
Kovalchuk goals: 0
Staal goals: 2

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Full steam ahead

Today's a big day. We've got the Steelers at Miami early and the Penguins at Panthers later. Steelers managed to just barely squeeze out a win last week against the Ravens and are battling for a playoff spot at 8-7. Even if they win today, there's still a lot that needs to happen for us to nab a spot. The Penguins have lost four games in a row. Florida is alive and kickin' with Pittsburgh fans, of this I am sure. It's time to suit up and get your head in the game, boys. With Gonchar out with what is a suspected foot injury after blocking a shot and immediately skating off the ice, our D-men really need to step it up a notch, particularly on the power play. I'd like to see Letang score a goal...

Here's a great video of the Pens' new year resolutions. Dupuis and Tanger are just adorable, Max gets all philosophical on us, Mike Rupp is basically like, "F you, Potash!", and Sid is his usual self.
Surprisingly, Don Cherry makes sense for once and agrees with me that Jordan Staal should have made Canada's Olympic roster. I'm glad someone else thinks so too. You can watch that clip between the 5:00 minute and 6:00 minute marker of this video. Thanks to Seth at Empty Netters for the find. Usually I don't watch Coach's Corner because a) I don't live in Canada to see HNIC and b) I don't like Don Cherry.
Too bad Don Cherry calls him Jason at first! FAIL.

One last thing, I want to congratulate our own Free Candy, Brooks Orpik, for making Team USA's Olympic roster. We hoped you would, we know you will crush some skulls in Vancouver, Brooksie. It is disappointing that Alex Goligoski wasn't picked, but not all that surprising either. Gogo is a great D-man and I'm glad we have him on the Pens, but Orpik deserved a spot over him. What is surprising is that Billy Guerin was not selected. I can see that Yzerman might want to have a young team that's got talent, but I think you really need that experience too and that's what Bill Guerin brings to the table. He is a seasoned veteran in the League and a bad ass. He's 39 so this was basically his last chance to be on the team. So boo. Score more goals for us, Billy, so that you can prove everyone wrong.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

History lesson

This is a cool special that aired on FSN Pittsburgh and I think you should watch it. Personally, I think Pittsburgh + history + hockey = amazingness. Wait, this is a history lesson, not math. Anyways, Ghostwalker40 has graciously uploaded it in three parts for us to enjoy today. Please be sure to check out his youtube channel for more awesome videos. Also, be sure to follow him on twitter. He is awesome and we in the blogosphere community love him.

I just realized I use the word "awesome" quite a bit. You know what, shut it, I'm from SoCal =)

Pittsburgh is Hockeytahn
Part 2
Part 3