Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Staal > Kovalchuk

The Penguins were finally able to break their five-game losing streak.

Jordan Staal was a beast last night against the Thrashers.
He's got to be a plus-some kind of crazy number right now. He's got goals being scored every time he's on the ice. I can't believe that Yzerman didn't pick him for Team Canada. It's ridiculous! It was suggested earlier in the week that if Bergeron's injury had been worse, Jeff Carter would have taken his spot and not Jordan. Jordan had two goals in this game! It's too bad he couldn't get a hat trick. Tyler Kennedy was a big part of those goals. He plays so hard and it shows. Just a great job by those two guys. I love them.

Army tried to take out Staal at center ice (bad!) and Feds scored. Karma's a bitch, ain't it, Colby?

Here are the highlights of this great game.
It's so nice to see Kris Letang score a goal. I love him and I love that he nailed Kozlov. It was awesome! I wish we could get a clip of that!

Luca Caputi was in to replace injured Chris Kunitz and he definitely showed it was the right move on Dan Bylsma's part, by scoring on Malkin's beautiful pass. Geno owned that puck and brought it all the way into the zone on that play. He created that. Just amazing.

I hope Feds is ok after Colby kind of tripped him up and he went crashing into the net. I heard he was limping after the game.

And because I can't stop myself from posting a Staal interview, post-game interviews:
Kovalchuk goals: 0
Staal goals: 2


Frank said...

not to mention Kovalchuk hasn't done jack against the Pens in recent games. He's more concerned about his $$ than he is his goal total.

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