Sunday, January 3, 2010

Full steam ahead

Today's a big day. We've got the Steelers at Miami early and the Penguins at Panthers later. Steelers managed to just barely squeeze out a win last week against the Ravens and are battling for a playoff spot at 8-7. Even if they win today, there's still a lot that needs to happen for us to nab a spot. The Penguins have lost four games in a row. Florida is alive and kickin' with Pittsburgh fans, of this I am sure. It's time to suit up and get your head in the game, boys. With Gonchar out with what is a suspected foot injury after blocking a shot and immediately skating off the ice, our D-men really need to step it up a notch, particularly on the power play. I'd like to see Letang score a goal...

Here's a great video of the Pens' new year resolutions. Dupuis and Tanger are just adorable, Max gets all philosophical on us, Mike Rupp is basically like, "F you, Potash!", and Sid is his usual self.
Surprisingly, Don Cherry makes sense for once and agrees with me that Jordan Staal should have made Canada's Olympic roster. I'm glad someone else thinks so too. You can watch that clip between the 5:00 minute and 6:00 minute marker of this video. Thanks to Seth at Empty Netters for the find. Usually I don't watch Coach's Corner because a) I don't live in Canada to see HNIC and b) I don't like Don Cherry.
Too bad Don Cherry calls him Jason at first! FAIL.

One last thing, I want to congratulate our own Free Candy, Brooks Orpik, for making Team USA's Olympic roster. We hoped you would, we know you will crush some skulls in Vancouver, Brooksie. It is disappointing that Alex Goligoski wasn't picked, but not all that surprising either. Gogo is a great D-man and I'm glad we have him on the Pens, but Orpik deserved a spot over him. What is surprising is that Billy Guerin was not selected. I can see that Yzerman might want to have a young team that's got talent, but I think you really need that experience too and that's what Bill Guerin brings to the table. He is a seasoned veteran in the League and a bad ass. He's 39 so this was basically his last chance to be on the team. So boo. Score more goals for us, Billy, so that you can prove everyone wrong.


Anonymous said...

hey he picks team canada not its not his fault billy was left off...even tho he still should have been on it.

Caitlin said...

Error on my part. I knew that; was talking about team canada before that.. Good catch.