Sunday, January 17, 2010

3rd line madness

Watch these highlights from a few games ago. I meant to post them earlier, but sometimes you get busy. Sorry for the delay and enjoy!

Penguins vs Flames (1-13-2010)

Crosby scored using one hand on his stick. That is impressive!

Jordan Staal minute mark: 2:39 to 2:55 watch him! just watch him, simply amazing! =)

MAF had some awesome saves in that game and TK, what a beast he is! Outr 3rd line is freakin' amazing. That's all you can say about them. They certainly defy ordinary every night they're out on the ice, giving it their all.

Penguins vs Oilers (1-14-2010)

Watch at 3:19 MAF is a BAMF!!! hardcore! Muurrrrderrrr! You can't spell BAMF without MAF! haha

This game was exciting because it was a come-from-behind win for the Pens. The game was hard to watch, but real fans watch the entire game and the 3rd period saw our outstanding 3rd line just come alive and attack the goal.

TK's goal was sick. Way to get us on the board. Our 2nd goal to tie the game at 2-2 was all Staal, COoke got the rebound. Excellent teamwork. And btw, OMG OMG it was a PP goal. What, our PP is still alive? Yes, just barely. Dupuis gets credit with the third goal, but Staalsy created that. Just beautiful hockey by Jordan Staal. Just a little tap and Dupes gets a stick on it and it finds its way into the net.

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