Saturday, September 26, 2009

Double or nothin'

We've got two games tomorrow. Steelers at Bengals and Penguins at Detroit. Granted, one is a regular season game and the other is only a preseason game, but you have to admit, this preseason game will be different from the others...

Steelers will be playing their first game within the division (AFC North.) Sadly, the Bengals go into this week with the same record as we do: 1-1. We really need to change that and make our record 2-1. It's a win-win that way; we move up in the division ranking (maybe) and the Bengals will fall. No word yet on whether the Browns are even going to show up to play this season...

Maybe the Browns will be this year's Lions? It's a lot to hope for, but I can dream, can't I? Speaking of the Lions, they're trying to win back fans by enticing fans of other teams to buy tickets. Do they really think throwing their own fans under the bus is going to help sell tickets at all? Maybe. I'm sure there must be some displaced Steelers fans out in Detroit somewhere who are willing to go to the game for super cheap. Seriously, check out their special page here before you get to the main homepage. There is a huge picture of the Steelers' and Lions' helmets. Clearly the Lions' marketing team was smart enough to pick the Super Bowl champions (out of all the other teams in the League) to stick on the flash page up against the Lions.

Steelers need to bring it this week, especially after the pathetic display that occurred last week in Chicago. Remember, the Bengals aren't as much as a waste of a team as the Browns are- we might actually have to try to beat them. Jeff Reed needs to get his act together and work with Danny Sepulveda on holding. On his second kick of the game, the one that essentially lost us the game, it seemed like Danny was holding the ball weird and not like usual. Maybe that's only me. I don't know. I'm telling you what I saw. I still love them both though. Our running game needs to dramatically improve and by that I mean get back to where we were last year, which wasn't that great either, but at least we didn't have to rely soley on one guy to gain any yards running last year. Mewelde Moore is doing all the work himself. Rashard Mendenhall and FWP haven't done anything so far and poor Frank the Tank. One day he will be useful...

Good news is that Lawrence Timmons should be back in a starting position against the Bengals this week after injuring his ankle, I believe, a few weeks back. Troy will still be sidelined with his MCL sprain. His backup, Tyrone Carter, should be ok to play Sunday. He will wear a thigh pad on his left leg. Limas might play Sunday as well even though he has been missing practices with a foot injury.

And now, time to switch gears and talk a little about the Penguins. Tomorrow's game against Detroit will be special because it's the first time the two teams will faceoff since Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final and we all know how that one ended. I bet some people will talk it up, saying it's a rematch (mainly the Wings fans I suppose) because we all know that preseason is preseason. Pens are pulling a Flyers what with all of the fights thus far, and especially in Thursday's game against Columbus. No wonder the Blue Jackets won, look at all the penalties we racked up:

Work it, Biz Nasty!

Anyways, the game tomorrow should be good no matter what just because the Red Wings and Penguins have been to the SCF two years in a row. That's hard to do. Respect. You can listen to Sunday's game on 105.9 with Mike Lange (thank god, after listening to Steve Mears all week, I missed him greatly) and Phil Bourque.

And finally, I want to wish a very happy birthday to Free Candy who turns 29 today.

How intense does Orpik look while drinking?

(full cred goes to Seth @ EN for the glorious pic and caption)

We love you Brooksie!

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