Saturday, September 12, 2009

One and done

Or should I say, "Won and done." Thursday's game started off slow, but gained momentum as it went on, which is normal, I suppose, for the season starter. Neither team looked sharp on the field with the exception of star players like Troy "the flyin' Hawaiian" Polamalu and Super Bowl XLIII MVP Santonio Holmes. Ben was all over the field, scrambling around in and out of the pocket, not that we're not used to that, but he looked a bit off. There were times where I think he should have thrown the ball away to stay at the line of scrimmage and not lose a bunch of yards by getting sacked 10 yards back. Just sayin'... I still think Ben is an awesome QB and I'm happy to have him on our side. That said, he needs to sharpen his skills and come out better against the Bears next week.

Our O-line needs work. They've never been that great in recent years, but there was at least one time where they just completely fell apart and the Titan's defense was all over Ben, sacking him almost as soon as he got the snap. That can't happen again. Come on, O-line, you need to block! At least Heath Miller is doing his part. He ended the night with 8 catches for 64 yards. We all know he is the best TE/blocker; I wish he'd get the ball more. Santonio did great, finishing the night with 9 catches for 131 yards and 1 TD which are the exact same stats as his performance in Super Bowl XLIII. Funny, right? Hines Ward looked pretty good until the end of the game there when he totally blew it and dropped the ball. He would have been in the end zone for sure and we would have had another touchdown, but he was running with the ball tucked under only one arm... sometimes you've got to use two hands bro, even if you are a veteran player. You know better! He got lucky though, as we were able to send the game into overtime and Jeff Reed won the game with his field goal, made possible by Mike Wallace coming up with a big catch for major yardage to get into field goal range. To finish off the offense, I thought Mewelde Moore did well. Would like to see him get the ball more often rather than Willie. Willie has not been very fast as of late. Our running game is pitiful. We couldn't convert on third downs, not even a bunch of 3rd and 1's which is just sad. Give the ball to Mewelde and watch him get past the line to pick up a first down.

Our defense looked sharp at the beginning of the game. Troy was flying all over the place just being awesome like he always is. Always giving 110%. He had a sweet one-handed interception too, before he got injured.
Hopefully he will only be gone for the 3-6 weeks they are saying right now for his MCL sprain. We definitely need him. The defense was not so hot for the second half of the game without him.

After hearing about Jake Cutler's game this week with the Bears, I think we should be able to beat them. The Packers just beat them. Here we go, Steelers, here we go.


Caitlin said...

link to a new video- content same as the embedded one in the post, Troy's awesome interception

Unknown said...

Im bummed about Polomalu, and he's such a super nice guy too...oh and the steelers are cool and all, but you are in socal territory and I think that merits some charger posts :)