Thursday, December 24, 2009

Broken records, cheese, and sexytime

The Devils came to our house and they won fair and square 4-0. Ouch. That hurts. I never like to see a shutout, but this particular one really stings because Marty Brodeur broke the record for most shutouts in a goalie's career with 104 against the Penguins. He has been around a long time, though. I will give him credit where credit's due. Brodeur is a fantastic goalie and he played a fantastic game against us. We couldn't get anything past him. I think it helps, though, when you're a fatty goaltender.

Hey, just sayin'...

I'm sorry, but Martin Brodeur is fat.

All kidding (sort of) aside, congrats to Martin Brodeur on his record-breaking shutouts. That is impressive. Fatty Osgood is in second with a meager 50.


You know what, we lost to the guys who are not only number one within our division, but in the entire Eastern Conference. It happens sometimes. Marc-Andre didn't play the best game and the Devils got a lot of power plays thanks to us. We didn't convert the ones we were lucky enough to draw.

One thing I love is that our team still puts up a good fight usually, even when they lose. Jordan Staal is one of our guys who never slows down. He always gives 110%. TK does too. It is sexytime. I am going to talk about Jordan's face and how it totally got smashed during the Devils game on Monday.

Basically, Jordan went for the puck and it deflected off his stick and got him in the nose. He went down and there was a lot of blood. Matt Cooke and (I think) one of the equipment managers helped him off the ice. It's never good when the towel you're using to stop the bleeding is dripping blood... We were hearing reports that Staalsy wasn't going to return to the game and that his nose could potentially be broken and then, miraculously, he returned for the third period sporting a full face shield.

Work it, Staalsy. You are a sexy bitch.

Here is the video of Jordan getting hit with the puck

And finally, Max Talbot has found a way to make even more cheesy commercials. This time it's for Valley Pool & Spa:
Who wouldn't want Superstar as their pool boy? ;)

So, final note: Devils, you take your win, and go back to Georgia!
(Or Jersey)

'Cause we've got sexy face shields and cheesy commercials.

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