Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oh Canada...

Team Canada released their 2010 Olympic roster this morning and two of our Penguins have made it: Sidney Crosby and Marc-Andre Fleury.

It doesn't come as a surprise that Sid would be on this team, in fact, it was a given. Sid has been made one of the alternate captains, as Scott Niedermayer will wear the C.

Martin Brodeur will be the number one goalie in net with MAF as number two and Roberto Luongo as number three. Brodeur stops everything and is bigger than Marc-Andre so it really wasn't a surprise to see Marty get the start. The man has 104 shutouts for goodness' sake! It is nice to see Fleury get the credit he deserves, though, after his last few years in the NHL, with a roster spot.

Eric Staal made the roster which is kind of surprising. He was injured earlier this season and I didn't think he was anything ridiculously special with all of the other talent Steve Yzerman and company had to choose from. Is he good in the faceoff circle, yes. Does he score goals, yes. But younger brother and my fav Penguin, Jordan, is a fantastic two-way player and that is where I think Jordan deserved a roster spot over Eric. If anything, put them together and see some Staal brother magic explode. I knew it would be iffy that Jordan would make it, but really, they are going to have Mike Richards (leadership???) and Patrice Bergeron over JStaal? Hmmm. We all know Staalsy is amazing on the penalty kill. He's got eleven goals so far this season and two were short-handed. I know Eric was injured, but I still like Jordan has proved he has had the better season thus far. Jordan hasn't missed a game in forever. He works through his pain and fights his way to the net hard, every game. He gives 110% and I love it. Everyone wishes both Eric and Jordan could be on the team together juast so that we can have a totally epic Staal Brothers Drinking Game - Olympic Style. It would be amazing, especially if both Staals were out on the ice together. It's a dream... Jordan could be a fine winger to Eric.

Anyways, enough of my complaining. Congrats to both Sid and MAF. Now, we have a division game to win tonight. Devils. Penguins. It's on!

Let's go Pens!

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