Saturday, December 12, 2009

Eye candy galore: Pens-Blackhawks Photo Expo

Hey guys, I know this is a bit late, but I had a lot of pictures to sort through from my time in Pittsburgh. I've selected the best to share with you all here. These are my personal pictures from the game that I am willing to post so please credit me with them if you take them. I'm not good at adding watermarks, etc. to pictures nor do I feel like spending time doing so, as it would take me forever to figure it out. Thank you. Shall we get to it then? I am going to borrow a feature from Empty Netters and do this the Seth Rorabaugh-way.

Coming to you from Pittsburgh, PA

At one point I was lucky enough to be 3.5 miles from Sid's house.

omg omg fangirl moment omg

Now that that's out of our system...

Greetings from Mellon Arena!As if we needed a reminder: It's the Pengiuns vs. the Blackhawks. Yes, Hossa is now with the Hawks organization. I know some people feel like we've given up our right to boo him to Detroit, but I still don't feel that way. Crosby is out because of a nagging groin injury. This greatly upsets me because I flew all the way out here to see a game and cappy isn't going to play. Mark Letestu was called up from WBS to fill the open forward spot.

This is my view from my seat, first row up against the glass


In case you wondered....

Please note the number of the glass pane.
66 <3

Here's a shot taken by Seth from Empty Netters. You can see me.

We're kind of awesome if you didn't know already:

That is beautiful.

I'm going to give a big plug to Seth from Empty Netters right now because he took the time to walk over to my section and meet me. Thank you so much, Seth, that totally made my night. I really look up to you and love your blog. I really appreciate you taking the time to come and say hi. That was awesome.

PS- Seth started off saying, "This is kind of an awkward question, but are you Caitlin?" Trust me, it wasn't awkward at all. You want awkward, just ask Troy Crosby.

I love it when the boys stretch directly in front of me:

Oh Godard and that hair!

Fleury warming up

Johnson warming up

Notice the new mask

Tanger <3

Oh hey there, Superstar ;)

I love TK. I don't know where it came from exactly or when it started but I think it was around the start of this blog when I discovered the use of Mr. Kennedy on the jumbotron.

There is just all kinds of adorable going on right here:

Fleury! Whoa! Put your mask back on! What are you doing?!

This has got to be one of those heaven and hell things...

Two greats.... Mike Rupp and Martin Skoula I'd like to think Cupcake was pointing me out to Kris:

After Matt Cooke took a nasty blow to the head:

That was ridiculous. If the League is going to suspend Cooke two games for a dirty head shot then Keith should have been as well. It looked like it hurt. All he got was a penalty. Ridiculous.

Here is a video of the cheap shot, thanks to Ghostwalker40.
Brooksie is one of the best-looking things on the ice, I swear. I've never been close enough to notice the nice curvature of his nose before... I had to back away from the glass in order to take his picture... my camera wasn't even zoomed in and I was still too close to even get his whole face in the shot.

Damn you, Hossa. You ruined my picture of Mike Rupp!

We need to look at something pretty now so we can clear that hideousness from our mind

That'll work. Brooksie wearing the "A"
You can look deeply into that man's soul through his eyes...

Every time there was a break, Niemi would come skate exactly to where I was sitting and this is what I had to endure. Constantly! At one point I started shouting for him to stop sticking his ass in my face. I know, I'm classy. If it had been oh, I don't know, cappy, I would have been ok with that.

I love Billy G.

This guy was funny, just the stuff he kept shouting at the Blackhawks. I was cracking up.

Staal love

Feds totally looking at me.

Look who I spy...

There is always a girl holding a picture of Pensblog Charlie's face:

No home game is complete without the cotton candy man and Pensblog Charlie.

I hope you enjoyed this eye candy. I know I did as they were all skating by me. I swear Max kept looking at me every time he came around. I made sure to smile at him. Cupcake was also always around me, but he wouldn't make eye contact. I'm pretty sure Letang and Staal also made eye contact with me. So much win. I'm disappointed we lost the game, but I think it hurt us having Crosby sit out as a precaution. It's kind of BS that he only sat out one game and was back playing against Carolina on Monday night. I think we could have won against the Blackhawks if Sid had been playing. Hossa's goal was lucky. I didn't even get to see Staal's goal because it was scored at the other end of the ice. It was a low scoring game that we should have won.

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Brooksie is one of the best-looking things on the ice, I swear.

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