Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pens-Kings recap

Greetings from San Jose! This post is a bit late because I didn't get home from LA until 4 in the morning on Friday, slept 3 hours, then went straight to work. As soon as I got home (took off early, too) I packed for San Jose and was on the road for 10 hours.

I don't have any pictures from the game to post right now because I am not on my own laptop. I'll post any good ones later in the week- if I even have any good pictures from that game...

The day didn't go exactly as planned. Got off to a late start by not getting picked up until 3:30 PM and got stuck in typical LA traffic. Got to the game a little late, but ended up sitting in box seats. Meh. I think I'd rather be on the lower level general admission. I don't have the greatest eyesight so really, the box did nothing for me. I ended up walking down to visit friends sitting in general admission at the end of the 1st period, but by the time I managed to get down there and find them the 2nd period had started. So I basically missed that whole period because I was standing outside of the section trying to watch on the jumbotron. I missed almost every goal scored in the game. By the time I got into the arena it was already 1-1. So happy that Staalsy was the one to put points on the board for us! Love you, Jordy. The only goals I saw where the last 2 scored by the Kings because they were down by my side of the ice. Lame.

I will tell you this though... I deserve an award for what went down as I was trying to find my friends.


My friend who gave me a ride to the game has some connections. He got to go into the locker room on Tuesday night at Anaheim and meet basically 3/4 of the team. So jealous. Anyways, he supposedly met everyone from Sidney to MaxTal, Kris, Ruslan, Kuni, Billy G, Gonch, TK, Disco Dan, Ray Shero, and Sidney's dad and agent. This story does have a point to it, I'm getting there. So, if this is true, then maybe there could be a slight chance that one of the guys he met would remember him right? Maybe, but probably not. Those guys meet new people all the time.

We're practically running down the hallway outside of the suites because I'm trying to get to the other side of the arena and go downstairs to meet my friends when my friend stops short all of a sudden, goes over to some big guy in a suit and shakes his hand saying, "Hi, remember me? We met Tuesday night." The guy doesn't really say anything, but shakes his hand. I'm standing there looking around thinking this is just some random guy or security for someone or something like that. Me = worst fan ever. I wasn't even paying attention. My friend then points at me and goes, "This is my friend, Caitlin." So I immediately turn towards him then look at the guy I'm being introduced to. I go to shake his hand and I say, "Nice to meet you." I have no clue who this guy is! I don't really know what happened in those few seconds. We did some awkward dance where we didn't shake hands and I don't remember him speaking to me but my friend claims he said "Nice to meet you" back to me. I don't know why we ended up not shaking hands. I wish we had. It was SO awkward. We walk away because this guy is with two other suits and as we're walking my friend goes, "You know who that was, right?" And I just give him a blank stare. "Troy Crosby. That was Sidney's dad!" I proceeded to give him the biggest punch in the arm ever. I hope it left a bruise. You never want to have an awkward introductioon with any person, it could be Joey bag of donuts and I wouldn't want it to go down like that. And of course it ends up being Troy Crosby. So WOW. FAIL. I don't even feel like I really met him. So awkward. He's so quiet. I don't remember him responding to anything or speaking in general. I would have still been cool and chill if I had recognized him, but probably would have actually paid more attention to what was going on, I think. I would have looked at him more than I did. I had no idea he was such a big guy. Sorry guys, I don't stalk Sidney and know what his parents look like. I feel pretty dumb after that, though. Let me tell you that I was wearing my Crosby jersey too that night because my Letang hadn't been delivered yet. So yeah, epic fail by me. But, I think I have to share this award with Troy because I could not have done it alone. Thank you.

Sharks tonight. Dany Heatley better watch out. I think I'm gonna rep Letang tonight. Just love that boy. So happy to be here in San Jose. Oh, and what's even better is that I am staying with a friend, a Pens fan who I just met Tuesday night at the Ducks game. I bond with people so well. After spending 10 hours in a car with someone though, they are no longer a new friend. Feels like I've known this guy my whole life, especially the way we argue. haha. You gotta love it. Excited for the game tonight!

Let's go Pens!

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