Monday, November 2, 2009

Road trip!

The Penguins have arrived in California. They are in SoCal. They play Anaheim tomorrow and I'm going to the game. Technically, this will be my first live Pens game. So naturally I'm all giddy (yes, giddy, like a damn schoolgirl) about representing the 'burgh out here. I will try to post some pics/recap after the game, but realistically, I will have to go to work in the morning so count on it being Wednesday instead. Oh yeah, and in case you cared, I'll be sitting in section 225, row P. Come say hi.

Mr. President practiced today. I really hope he is good enough to return to the ice tomorrow night. Really want to see him play considering I won't get to see Gonch, Geno, or Superstar. HC Danny Balls said Tyler "looks pretty good for tomorrow."

This isn't new, but I like it enough to post for those who have been living under a rock for the past several weeks. Remember, I've been playing catch-up myself.

Not like you needed another reminder that Malkin is a total BAMF, but here it is.
"I stick needles in my Sidney Crosby bobblehead"

Malkin is not amused. Geno will stalk you and kill you in the night.

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