Monday, November 16, 2009

"And yes, there is such a thing as a power play goal!"

Oh Mike Lange, you have the best goal calls ever.... but we already knew that. It's true we hadn't scored on a PP in like forev ago. Sorry I've been MIA for a bit. I really didn't feel like recapping all those losses... I never know what to say. We really needed the win on Saturday against Boston and that was awesome. I missed that game so I couldn't really write about it, but it sounded like it was a really good game. So glad to have Malkin back; what a difference he makes to this team! He had 3 assists that night. Clutch for sure. Bill Guerin scored for the first time in 12 games that night with 0.4 seconds left on the clock in the 3rd period to tie the game at 5-5! Damn, that is a long streak. Glad to see it broken. Speaking of things broken, almost like a third of our team (and mostly our D men) are injured. Thankfully we just got Malkin back and word on the street is that Talbot will be ready for Thursday's game against Ottawa. Sweeet! Too bad Gonch, Letang, Orpik, TK, Kuni, and now Gogo are all out. I guess I'll take what I can get. Having Malks and Crosby on a top line with Feds is magical. Poor Staalsy has to play on a line with Chris Bourque. Oh well. He's still awesome! Anyways, our Pens got a big W tonight at home against the Ducks so let's get to the recap!

Cookie comes out strong right at the start of the 1st period. BAM! Goal. 1-0 Pens whattttt? Crazay.

Not long thereafter, Billy G!!!!!! I love it when he scores! :) Some people criticize him for not scoring as often as he should and blame it on him being old, but I don't think that at all. Would I love to see him score more, sure, I'd love our whole team to score a ton of goals, but that's not realistic. I just want the win. If all Billy G does is help get the puck down the ice, then ok, that is all I can hope for. Give the puck to Sidney to score. Bill Guerin is a clutch veteran player and he is there because of his rich experience in the league. He is not flashy. He also had a fight tonight which he totes won. What was Getzlaf thinking? It was a pretty even matchup with Getzlaf being 6'4" and Billy G being 6'2" and them both weighing in at 220 lbs, but ummm, no excuse Ryan, that was a pathetic attempt at a fight. You're 24, Billy G is 39 and he totally trounced you. Fail. It was short and sweet.

Staalsy with a shorthanded goal. Ah, brings back sweet, sweet memories of the SCF.

"Jordan Staal with a twirly move to the goal" - Mike Lange
I love it! 1 goal and 1 assist for JStaal tonight. Just awesome.
Go, Staalsy, go!

Skoula with his first goal as a Penguin. Sweet shot from the blue line.

And Cookie again, empty netter. Way to end the game. He gets the first goal and the last goal. That is great.

Need to mention that MAF had a great game tonight. He has been kinda off on some of these road games so it's realllly nice to see him get back into the groove of things because he is that good and he deserves to be called a champion. Everyone always wants to take that away from him the first chance they get. He has 1 bad game and everyone is criticizing him for being inconsistant. Whatev. MAF is back and really proved it with his performance tonight. Bravo Marc-Andre.

Pens win 5-2
It's a good night in Pittsburgh.
(And in SoCal.)

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