Sunday, November 22, 2009

AFC North = Fail. Hockey > Football

Wow. What happened today in our division? We all know that the Steelers should have won today. It was against Kansas City who were 2-7 going into this game. Just pathetic. How is it that our defense is great at stopping the run and then completely falls apart when it comes to stopping the pass? I just don't get it. Our special teams needs to get their shit together because this is not ok. You are in the NFL. You are not playing like it. And maybe it isn't all the players' fault. Maybe it is the coaching, but still. There is no excuse for allowing that kind of points in multiple games. And hey, Jeff Reed, I used to really like you. How about you pretend like you're going to at least try and tackle someone, ok? Nothing. Mendenhall is our best player at the moment. He ran 95 yards just to tackle the guy who picked off Ben in the end zone and was for sure going to run it back for a touchdown. Mendy decided he wasn't going to put up with that bullshit and tackled him close to the end zone at the other end of the field. It was a 4pt difference. Way to not completely give up, Mendy. You get major points for that one in my book. Hines had a good game with 10 catches for 128 yards with 1 TD, but he also had a fumble. Heath had a good game too. He caught 7 passes for a total of 95 yards and 1 TD. I think I'll be picking up a Miller jersey when I am in Pittsburgh. Always like that he tries for the down, every time. He pushes for it. He doesn't just catch the ball and fall over. I don't even really want to talk abaout Ben. He hasn't looked himself in a while and potentially getting another concussion today isn't going to help. You know what's the sad thing about Ben's performance today is that he threw for 398 yards, the 3rd-highest total of his career. And we still lost. In OT. What a joke. There's no way KC should have even been close to us in points in this game. There's no way KC should have been able to tie the game. And it is ridiculous that we lost to them. Now they are 3-7. That is just sad. Our team is not so different from the exquisite Super Bowl-winning team that played last year. So why are we sucking so bad this year? I don't get it. Was that a long rant? Yes. It felt good. I am still a fan, though. I hate bandwagoners. I am not one of them. I may bitch and moan about the Steelers when they don't live up to my expectations, but I'll be a fan for life, win or lose. And here's a related note: watch the entire game, please. I hate people who leave early from games. Whether they are in attendance or watching it at a bar. I am not leaving until the clock has run out and the score is final. Win or lose. Pittsburgh has the greatest fans on the face of the earth, don't give us a bad rep now.

Turns out the Cleveland-Detroit game was the game of the day to watch. The sad thing is that both were 1-8 going into today and that Detroit emerged victorious. Eric Mangini needs to go away. Just leave and never come back, please. Now, I hate the Browns and love to see them lose, but that is just way more pathetic than anything else in existence. Baltimore lost to the Colts. That I was glad to see because I hate the Ravens and enjoy Peyton's funny commercials. The biggest joke of the AFC North today has got to be Cincy though. THEY ARE WINNING THE DIVISION AND THEY LOST TO THE RAIDERS! Really? Really! Amazing. AFC North = FAIL. Now, like I've said. I hate everyone in our division. Sometimes it's really tough to decide who to hate more one week and then the next, but Cincinnati is actually good this year somehow and that is just pathetic that they lost to Oakland today.

Pony-up boys. We play the Ravens next Sunday. Thank god there's hockey in the meantime.

Our Penguins play the Florida Panthers tomorrow night. Last time we played them back in October we had to go to a Shootout to decide the winner. We won. Let's hope that with some of our fallen heroes back we can win again. There's also some talk that Mr. President could play tomorrow night. I don't know about that. No one will give us any information regarding what is assumed to be his groin injury. All we know is that it is nagging and that they don't know when he'll be ready to return, yet he was at practice in Atlanta which gives us all hope. If our 3rd line could be reunited, that would be spectacular. We need Staalsy, Cookie, and TK on a line again. It's been so long.

Steelers, you disappoint me. Penguins, thank you for giving me something to look forward to three times a week.

Hockey > football

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