Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chris Kunitz used to play for the Ducks

For reals? I didn't know that. Wow. Please keep reminding me all night. (Alright guys, please sense my deep-seeded sarcasm.)

It was actually pretty cool of the Ducks to acknowledge Kuni on the scoreboard for his time spent in Anaheim and when they won the cup in 2007. They flashed a nice pic of him raising the cup from that year.

Um, it's late. I just got home. I have to be at work in a few hours. Totally worth it, but not enough time for me to charge my dead camera, download all the pictures I took, and sort through them to put together a somewhat decent post tonight. I know this is going to post with the 4th as the date. If I knew how to backdate these, I would. I know this is a sucky post. I'm sorry. I just want to give you a quality one, but that is not going to happen tonight.

Pens win 4-3.

Letang got a goal. I was too busy trying to take a picture of him that I missed it. Ugh, fail. I saw Gogo's sweet slapshot down at my end of the ice though. It was beautiful. Pictures to come tomorrow (later today?)

I leave you with this:
Did you need me to kiss it, Tanger? Gladly ;)

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