Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pens-Ducks recap

Ok, so I appologize, but this is not going to be a good recap at all, more like a picture expo. Take it or leave it. These late nights are killing me. Enjoy.
Arrived at the Honda Center and there were a ton of Pens fans walking in. I was surprised. There wasn't a Ducks jersey in sight! Not until I walked in the doors did I spot any. I immediately felt like I had died and gone to Pitt heaven. It's not often you get to see so many Pens jerseys out here in SoCal. It was a glorious sight, much like when Staalsy scores a goal.

Sights around the arena:

There was a guy wearing a jersey that had "NOTRE DAME" across the back and I was like, "really dude, really?" Is there something I'm missing here? If so, please do tell cuz I was sure it was a jersey foul of some kind. I tried to take a picture of him, but it came out all blurry.

View from my seat which was actually really good. Plus it was seat number 11. Yeahhh Staalsy :)
This guy knew exactly what he was doing when he put on this old Mighty Ducks Sykie jersey.
I was not happy when I watched him hi-five some Ducks fan after they scored a goal.

This was floating around prior to the puck drop. Wtf? Giant creepy sheep.
Yeahhh Zambonis.
Btw, the Rubios at the Honda Center was selling fish tacos for freakin' $4.50 apiece! Rip-off! It was a Tuesday too, hello- Taco Tuesday. They had a shitty beer selection too. I opted for water and they gave me a giant cup full of ice to go get water from the drinking fountain. Really? Fail.

Oh, hey there, Mr. President
Good to have you back.

Puck drop
For Candy Man Fan
God, I love seeing Brooksie wearing an "A"

Pens bench
Danny Balls looking BAMF

Some notes:

- Letang got a goal yeahhhhhh! I immediately yelled, "That's my boy!"

- Gogo's goal was so sweet.

- There was at least one time there was a total slash not called by the refs when Crosby's stick broke. I watched it happen. Such BS.

- There was definitely at least two high-stickings that didn't get called either. Tanger got one really bad up against the boards and Matt Cooke did too!

- Sid had a crazy save! There were bodies all flailing around the net. I couldn't see anything as it was down at the other end of the ice. People were cheering and I feared that the Ducks had scored even though there hadn't been a goal horn yet.

- Speaking of unreal saves, MAF had some last night as well. Champion goalie fer sher.

- Staalsy was the third star. Yay.

- Kris was the second star!!!!

It was a fun night. I am supposed to be going to LA tomorrow, but I don't know if my friend is going to pull through with tickets and my ride or not yet. I will be pissed if he falls through. I want to see Bobby Scuds! I can't NOT go! I will be devastated if I don't. I need to say hi to Courtney too. Also, I do actually have real friends going to this game who I haven't seen in years and if I don't get to see them I will be pissed. Working on San Jose next.

Let's go Pens!

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Candy Man Fan said...

ahh thanks for the picture :) I feel so special haha

I hope you get to go to LA too...going to back-to-back games is sweet (but makes going back to regular hockey-less life really lame) if you do, send some love to Scuds for me <3