Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dennis Dixon & pool skimmers

Everyone has heard the bad news about Charlie Batch and his broken wrist by now. Looks like he is going to be out for six weeks. Ben left the game late during OT when he suffered a blow to the head from some KC linebacker's knee. Was it intentional? I don't know. Anyways, Batch goes in and has all of 3 plays. He mananged to get injured during one of them- unbelievable... So, since I am no longer in love with Big Ben (don't get me wrong, I still like him as our QB, I am just not biased anymore when it comes to critiquing him), it's been kind of exciting thinking that maybe Dixon will get the start he deserves. From what I understand, he was a beast at OSU and "runs like a gazelle." Ok. Awesome. We could use that. I vaguely remember him doing an ok job during the preseason games back in August. I say, why not? Let's give him the start if Ben can't play. One problem: he's only thrown one professional NFL career pass. Dixon's lack of experience will hurt him. Also, word is that Ben is ok and did not suffer another concussion so he is expected to play Sunday against the Ravens. While I don't wish injury on anyone, this disappoints me because Ben has not been himself the past few weeks and maybe it is time for a relief QB- you know- like a relief pitcher. Just sayin'...

Onto hockey

Pens beat the Panthers for the second time this season 3-2 in OT. Malkin had a sweet SOG and Sid was there to bury the rebound in behind Vokoun for the win.

Panthers unveiled their third jerseys last night and they look suspiciously familiar:

That's ok though. Imitation is the biggest form of flattery, or so I hear... I actually like them because of how similar it is to the Pens' third jersey. I like our third jersey. Our baby blues are cute. Some people think the FLA and sun logo on the sleeve and pants of the Panthers' jersey is dumb. I actually think it's really cute. What do you think?

We've got Montreal tomorrow night. How many times do you think Errey and Steigy are going to give us this:

Hal Gill used to be a Penguin

Do it.

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Megan said...

Oh and the fact that I graduated with Dennis and had a few classes with him should give me a few brownie points, right?