Saturday, November 28, 2009


So we lost to the Islanders... they are kind of good this year with Tavares and all... you've got to give them credit, they played well. We couldn't score on a 5-4 and then a 5-3... However, (and I've been meaning to bring this up for a while now), I don't think you can put this loss on Brent Johnson. I was never a big fan of his until a couple weeks ago. He had to prove himself to me that he was worthy of my love. You know what, after watching him in goal for the last several games, I am impressed. At least twice, including last night, I can say that our loss was not because of him. At least one of the Islanders' goals really wasn't his fault, it just happened.n He made some unreal saves in yesterday's game.

Fleury will probably get the start tonight against the Rangers since BJ was in yesterday.

Oh heyyyyyyy, want to wish MAF a very happy 25th birthday today! Let's hope we can get a win for him.

We should be getting two of our best offensive defensemen back tonight with the return of Kris Letang and Alex Goligoski! I am estatic about this! Hallelujah!

I want to give props to Deryk Engelland and Ben Lovejoy who really stepped up their game while our D-men were out. Engelland has made a seamless transition to playing in the NHL and if we didn't have so much depth there, I think he would be called up more often. Great effort by him and how awesome was his fight against Tim Jackman? 13 seconds into the game and they are going at it! Deryk kinda lost, but still. Way to go!
Both Engelland and Lovejoy were reassigned back down to Wilkes/Barre-Scranton probably because Tanger and Gogo are now back.

Tyler Kennedy, Chris Kunitz, and Jay McKee are still out.

I was very pleased that Matt Cooke was able to bang one in yesterday off of a Jordan Staal shot on goal rebound. Staal gets the assist. More points for our third line... oh I cannot wait for the day that TK is back. It's going to be amazing. The amount of energy he brings to the team is just unheard of.

Speaking of Staal... he totally went balls out against Nate Thompson. #11 versus #11.
It. Was. Awesome.
Staal really isn't a fighter, but it was really nice to see him stick up for Skoula. That hit sent shivers down my spine and Jordan stood up for him. That is just another reason why I love this team so much. Jordan went into the fight knowing that he'd probably lose and said, "Fuck it, let's go" anyways. Respect.

Just found this article about Staal's fight. Read it for a more in-depth look.

We're playing the Rangers tonight which means... STAAL vs. STAAL!!!!!!!!!!

It's my favorite thing ever :)

I will be playing the ever so popular Staal Brothers Drinking Game so look out for random blog posts/tweets during the game tonight.

In Steelers news, the Post-Gazette is reporting that Ben started to have headaches following practices on Wednesday and Thursday and that Dennis Dixon will get the start at QB. He took most of the snaps during Friday's practice. Also, the Steelers signed former Pitt QB Tyler Palko to their practice squad. If Dixon does start Sunday night, Palko will be moved up to the No. 2 spot as Batch is out with a pesky broken wrist. I've already stated that I am kind of excited to see what Dixon is made of. Maybe Ben needs to get some R&R and figure stuff out like how not to get sacked and, therefore, injured.

Penguins versus Rangers tonight.
Jordan versus Marc.
Offense versus defense.
Only one Staal will win.

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usbzoso said...

nyc meetup group was at the Isles game ... best part was our "Massive Johnson" chant!