Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pens-Thrashers recap

Thoughts from tonight's game:

PS- none of these are in order, I'm just remembering things from all 3 periods jumbled together. Yeah, my memory sucks.

Skoula is getting paid.... 2 goals. Sweeeeet. Cookie and Staalsy with the assists on the 2nd goal. Everyone stop hating on JStaal because he isn't converting on all his scoring chances. He plays like a beast every game.

I started out watching the FSN feed, then it cut out at the beginning of the 1st intermission and the bar I was at could only get Atlanta's feed after that on their crappy DirecTV. Fail.

Talbot had a nice scoring chance at some point with a sweet backhander but Hedberg made the save.

Afinogenov totally dives and at first Orpik gets called for tripping then Bourque is in the box serving the penalty. What?

Fight between Evander Kane and Deryk Engelland- no contest. Kane is a baby. Engelland only got about 2 punches in before the refs came- prob cuz they knew Kane would be murdered. Lame.

Talbot's penalty shot. Fail. Sigh.

There was definitely a slash on Malkin that didn't get called. Broke his stick, come on refs.

MAF played like a beast tonight. Well done, sir. Some crazy saves. Hoping to see a highlight reel soon. Pen's website didn't have the awesome save where Fluery is flailing around the goal like a crazy person. Would like to see that again.

There is this, however. Fleury's great save on Afinogenov in the 2nd period:

Cookie and Kovalchuk's fight was bad ass. Way to go, Cookie! Kovalchuk gets sent away for like 2 instigator penalties or some shit like that.

Staal's fight at the end of the game: hott.

The boys played well tonight. 3-2 win, but remember that for a while it was 3-0 Pens. I like what I'm seeing. We finally win on the road since forever ago. It's about time. Would have been sweet to see Skoula get the hat trick, especially since he's a defenseman. Oh well. Good game, boys.

Oh hey, and in 13 days I will be in Pittsburgh. Yes. Going to tons of games that weekend. Being dragged to Pitt basketball and football games by dad who's an alum. Going to the Penguins game, sitting first row up against the glass! Going to the Steelers game. Going to drop so much money on Pens and Steelers gear, it's going to be ridiculous. Going to eat at Primanti Bros. because I missed out the last time I was in the 'Burgh two years ago. If anyone wants to meet up after the Pens game that Saturday night, DM me your cell number on Twitter and we can coordinate. That's the weekend of December 4-6.

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