Monday, November 30, 2009

We like scoring hat tricks against the Rangers

I didn't get to watch the game tonight. I was at work til late, but I did get to listen to Mike Lange while trying to get things wrapped up for the night. From what I could tell, it sounded like the Rangers came out and played a much better game against us. Also, maybe it had to do with Lundqvist being back in goal. Gogo was out of this game with what I assume to be a re-injury, but luckily we had Cupcake McKee back!

The Rupp-Staal-Kennedy line sounded amazing. Just the fact that it was in existence is amazing! Of course we know Cooke is serving his two-game suspension so he was out. Clearly Rupp fit in quite well as he scored his first career hat trick. Congrats. You are a beast, Mike Rupp! At one point I thought he was going to be injured when he left the ice and headed straight to the locker room. So glad he is ok and what a presence on the ice tonight! The third goal scored by Rupp was an empty netter and Seth over at (appropriately named) Empty Netters had this to say about Sidney's pass to Rupp for the HT:

"Someone tell us when Sidney Crosby is a selfish whiny brat as so many of his critics claim. Because we're still waiting for confirmation of that claim. He was on the ice late with the possibility of a hat trick as well. He could've had [a] hat trick in back-to-back games, a pretty rare feat. But he was aware of Rupp's situation and [got] the puck to his teammate and set him up to get his first career hat trick. So many question why Crosby has a "C" on his chest. Displays like his pass to Rupp are one of the many reasons he is this team's captain."

Nicely said, Seth. Major kudos. That is just another reason why I love our team and respect Crosby so much.

Pens win 5-2.
Crosby had two goals and Rupp had the hatty.
That is beautiful.

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