Sunday, November 8, 2009

San Jose: Vom City

I think I spent most of the game curled up in a little ball in my seat with my head burried into my hands. Pens were suckage Saturday night. I wore my Letang jersey and now he's injured. FML.

5-0 that one is going to sting... I won't forget it. Officially hate the Sharks and their fans after that game. Some fans were leaving when it was still 4-0. Dude, if I paid for a seat to watch live hockey, I'm not leaving before the clock winds down to 0:00. You just don't do that. Then, after we got our asses handed to us, their fans decided to be classless jerks and rub it in as we were leaving. A simple, "and how many cups do you have?" took care of them. That shut them up real quick. The "go back to Pittsburgh" comments were unnecessary. I'm from San Diego, bitch.

I will say this, the fact that they skate out of a giant shark head is kinda cool. Then it became not cool when it didn't go away completely, but lingered around the top of the arena instead, emitting smoke whenever the Sharks scored. Wtf? That makes no sense. PS, the San Jose has a terrible goal horn. Don't get me started on the stupid chomping the fans do with their hands.... wow. As for the mascot, I wanted to kill Sharkie. I want to kill the lion from the Kings more, but Sharkie had an effing drum that was really loud, so loud that I thought I was going to go deaf. That damn shark was banging that drum right next to me in the aisle of our section and the sound was deafening. I seriously wanted to grab the drum and beat him senseless with it. The only cool thing Sharkie did was be suspended from the ceiling by a rope and get lowered down to the ice. Iceburgh, take notes dear.

TK was out for this game. Gogo was tired, but played anyways. Kris went out midway through the second period. The only thing we were good at was racking up penalties. Rupp, McKee, and Goddard did a good job of that.

Speaking of Cupcake, have you seen this? It's awesome, especially the part where he runs over Heatley.
Thanks to GhostWalker40 for the video.

Whatever. Shake it off boys. You're going home. I'm sorry this West coast leg didn't work out better for both you and I. At least I was in good company this weekend. I'm spoiled for going to three live hockey games in a row- all in one week! Now I have to get used to watching on tv again. It's just not the same...

Boston Tuesday.

On a happier note, I want to wish Billy G a very happy birthday tomorrow. He'll be 39 years old. He is in great shape for how old he is, I think. Billy G still can be very effective, we just need to get our shit together and get some momentum back. It just so happens to be my birthday tomorrow too. Woooooo for sharing the same birthday as Guerin! I love you and I hope you score lots of goals for me <3

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