Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2 months ago today...

Two months ago today Sidney Crosby and the Pens were hoisting Lord Stanley's Cup over their heads and celebrating on the ice. On Detriot's home ice. After a Game 7.
This is nothing new, but in honor of the win I thought I'd post this today.
It's damn catchy and with awesome lyrics like "Gonna read the names on the Cup somehow but probably not, cause there's a fucking lot of em!" and "Believe me when I say you fucked up Hossa!" you can't go wrong.
Also awesome is the fact that Staalsy's shorthanded goal is included in the video.
You can download the mp3 here from Eddy Spaghetti and while you're at it you should just add him on twitter because he's awesome. Be sure to check out his blog at
We won the Cup! (That never gets old!)

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Candy Man Fan said...

this song might be one of the best ever written. it gets stuck in my head at least once a day