Monday, August 3, 2009

CBC is awesome

It's August. 4 days until Sidney's birthday and his day with the cup. Awesome.
The CBC is awesome because they make the best montage videos ever. I'd like to share two videos in particular with you today and 1 honorable mention, I just decided. I was going to post them in reverse order to be dramatic, but it's too hard to decide between the top 2 so I'll just post them in the order that they were aired on CBC; that's fair, right? Besides, the honorable mention is the first one I'm posting anyways.
CBC HNIC opening intro montage for Game 3 SCF 2009
This vid got an honorable mention because it's pretty good. It's really high-energy thanks to Green Day's "Know Your Enemy" which is a fitting song and for the use of high-impact clips of guys falling all over the place. It's great.
CBC HNIC opening intro montage for Game 6 SCF 2009
This vid is sick. Nonpoint's cover of Phil Collins's "In the Air Tonight" is hauntingly beautiful and paired well with the clips. Sorry that this particular video starts off kind of rocky and that it is not widescreen format, but it's better than the other two posted on youtube becuase it a) has the correct version of the song and b) times the clips with the music closer to CBC's original broadcast than the others.
CBC HNIC closing montage of the playoffs after Game 7 SCF 2009
This is an amazing vid. The music is City and Colour's "Sleeping Sickness" featuring Gordon Downie. It's such a good song- I'm addicted to it. I mean, come on, it broke my Top 25 Most Played Songs playlist in my itunes library not long after I added it, it's that good. This video also includes highlight from Game 7 itself, not just the playoffs, making it just that more special. The music is touching and brilliant.
CBC is brilliant for creating all these montages. Thanks, CBC.

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