Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh no you didn't...

I just lost a tiny bit of respect for the longtime running soap
"All My Children." Now, you may ask, "ew, do you watch that show?"
The answer is no, but my mom does. I happened to be in the room
while she was watching it on the DVR one night and glanced at the
screen only to see this:

I can only hope Susan Lucci is scolding him for being a fan of the
Red Wings, of all teams.

I was horrified. Why, Thorsten Kaye, why? You disappoint me. I
always liked you, even when you were on Port Charles and no one
watched that show except me. (Yeah I was cool and watched shows
that had vampires in the plot before all you people got obsessed
with Twilight.) Speaking of Twilight, this is worse than finding
out that Taylor Lautner is also a Red Wings fan.

Thorsten has apparently blogged about the Wings, 3 years in a row,

Let me give you a taste of what he blogs.

First line of his May 6, 2009 post: "Regardless of what happens in
this series I think that whoever comes out of the Detroit-Anaheim
series is going to win the Stanley Cup this season."


That's like the video that some Red Wings fan posted on
set to the Black Eyed Peas' "I Got a Feelin'" the night
before game 7 took place. My theory is that Thorsten totally made
that video. Unfortunately, the video was taken down by the user-
for obvious reasons of feeling ashamed to call themelves a Wings
fan (I assume, of course.) However, I did find this video which
has the song in case you really wanted to hear it. I ain't
embedding that shite!

In other Red Wings cheerleader news, Chris Chelios just won't die. He wants to come back to the NHL even though no one wants him since Detroit dumped his ass.

Go Pens.

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