Monday, August 31, 2009

Superstar's tryin' to work here

What is it about celebrities of the sports world and their cheesy car dealership commercials? Here are some examples as to why our beloved Superstar " Mad Max" Talbot owns when it comes to these things.

The San Diego Padres' pitcher Chris Young recently did a commercial for Carlsbad Lexus and I almost died laughing when I saw it. Naturally, I though of how much better Max's were. Yes, that's right, plural. Max is so awesome he has 2 commercials. Take that Chris Young!

Of course I have them for your viewing pleasure. I couldn't embed Chris' so you will just have to click here instead. It's ironically posted on a "talent" website.

Pretty sad, right? No originality, really boring, and it really does not make me want to hop in my car and drive over to Carlsbad Lexus at all.

Now I present, in all of his superstar glory, Maxie's commercials.

Unfortunately, Alex (of A & L Motors fame) disabled embedding on one of his vids too. Tough luck today. Here is commercial number one.

Chica Chiiiii

Here is commercial number two.

Clearly Max's acting skills vastly improved during the taping of this second commercial, as did his facial hair. Not to mention his accent is hot and so is his wardrobe. Work those rims too, baby<3

Max is so cool he even has outtakes because he's hilarious.

Max's commercials are filled with humor, wit, and charm.

But Chris Young and Max Talbot have something else in common: getting into fights.

Chris Young's fight vs. Derrek Lee

Max's fight vs. Dan Carcillo

The difference between these two fights is that Max's fight gave his teammates the second wind they badly needed in a playoff game agasint the Flyers. Even though Max lost the fight, the Penguins rallied to win the game. Max's "shhhhh" to the Flyers crowd has become iconic.

Max always has memorable hand motions, it seems, coming from the guy with "little bit bad hands" and I love him for it.

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Candy Man Fan said...

haha I love the outtakes from Max's commercial...I'd never seen that before