Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Canada loves the Staals

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last year you should already know that the 2010 Winter Olympics are being held in Vancouver, Canada. I am excited for this year's hockey games because of all the young talent that was invited to the summer Olympic camps.

I think Canada is going to win this year. Let's take a look at who might be representing them. (Note: I'm only listing the few I care to talk about.)

Marc-Andre Fleury: We already knew he was a champion in our hearts before game 7 of the SCF, but now he's got a ring and the respect from others to prove it. He deserves to be on that team and should be picked to go on the roster from training camp.

Cam Ward: He's not bad (except against the Pens)
He plays for the Canes and they are a decent team - we played them in the Eastern Conference Finals afterall and they did beat #1 seeded Boston- an upset. Plus I think he's good looking so he's got that going for him, not that it will help him in front of the net.

Marc Staal: What can I say, other than I think Marc is the best-looking Staal brother in the NHL. He gets an automatic mention just because he's a Staal. I have also decided that he is the nicest out of the 3. (Jared, you don't count yet until you graduate from the AHL.) Hopefully Marc can beat out Chris Pronger for a spot on the Olympic roster. If he makes the team it will be his his first Olympics.


Sidney Crosby: The "Kid" is a man! No real explanation is needed as to why he's at camp. He'll be on the roster for sure, unlike last year when he had to sit out because of a groin injury. Just for the heck of it, here's a reminder that he had 65,000 people show up for his parade the other day with the Cup. Four years in the NHL and already has been to the SCF twice and won this year. Oh captain, my captain...

Eric Staal: He's pretty good, he's an alternate captain for the Canes afterall, but the Pens were able to stop him and held him to, I believe, only one goal during the Eastern Conference Final series. His goal was scored in the first two minutes of one of the games- not exactly a game-winner.

Jordan Staal (Staalsy): Jordan is awesome. I've dedicated whole posts to him before. He scored a shorthanded goal against the Red Wings in the Stanley Cup Finals. It was amazing. He continues to impress me and I think he deserves a spot on Canada's roster.

Joe Sakic: The Avalanche's famous forward just recently retired from the NHL, but I think he will still play for Canada's Olympic team. He captained Colorado for a long time and helped them win two Stanley Cup titles in 1996 and 2001. Oh yeah, he also won an Olympic gold medal with Team Canada at the 2002 Winter Olympics.


Mike Babcock is coaching Canada's team and we all know he coaches
the Red Wings in the NHL. He is a respectable guy and we know
he's a winning coach. He got his team to the finals two years in a
row. Not surprised by this- he should do a good job.

Of note from the AP: Among those not selected for the Aug. 24-27
camp in Calgary are forwards Steve Stamkos, Marc Savard and Jason
Spezza, goaltenders Chris Osgood, Carey Price and Marty Turco
and defenseman Brian Campbell.

Of course fattie didn't make the cut. Not after his performance
in the SCF's this year. Look for MAF to dominate.

More proof that Canada loves the Staals:

So let's tally up, shall we?

Pittsburgh boys across the pond = 3 for Team Canada

Staal brothers across the pond = 3 for Team Canada

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