Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bust out the blues

Tonight the Penguins will be sporting their third jerseys (alternates) for the first time this season when they take on the Tampa Bay Lightning at home.
I know everyone is somewhat freaked out because of what happened last time we wore our blues, but you've got to put the superstition behind you and move on. That was last year. This year we're defying ordinary, damnit! I really like our powder blues. It was cool to see them be worn in the Winter Classic in 2008. In addition to tonight, they'll be wearing them for the games listed below:

Oct. 30 at Columbus
Nov. 16 vs. Anaheim
Nov. 27 at New York Islanders
Dec. 3 vs. Colorado
Dec. 12 vs. Florida
Dec. 27 vs. Toronto
Jan. 5 vs. Atlanta
Jan. 28 vs. Ottawa
Feb. 1 vs. Buffalo
Feb. 14 vs. Nashville
March 6 vs. Dallas

Sport Illustrated ranked all of the NHL's third jerseys and the Pens were #1. This is what Sarah Kwak, of SI, had to say about the blues:

"If you're going to create a third jersey, you might as well make it a memorable departure from the normal fare. The color, a nod to the Pens of the '70s, and the vintage look make this a perfect marriage of tradition of fun -- and our pick as the best of the new 19."
The blue jerseys were originally worn from 1968 to 1972.

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