Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pens-Lightning Recap

Good game last night. I think the Pens came out a little slow, but got their shit together soon thereafter and Billy G put one right through the 4x6. Woo! 1-0 Pens in the 1st period thanks to a power play.

Cupcake (Jay McKee) had an awesome game with a total of 7 blocked shots. I knew he would be a great addition/replacement D-man to the team before he even rolled into town. He's leading the league in blocked shots right now. Yeah!

Serrrgei Goncharrrr looked awesome as well last night. I was disappointed that one of his (originally two) goals was taken away and given to Pascal Dupuis... looking at the replay, I still can't see where Dupuis got his stick on the puck, but whatever, a Pens goal is a goal no matter who scored so I should be happy. Gonch looked so sweet last night, well, he's such a talent at scoring from the blue line with his quick wristers that this should come as no surprise, I am just in awe of him every time he scores. His goals are beautiful! I don't know whose wristers I like better, Sarge's or Tanger's... that is a very hard decision.

Speaking of Tanger, I thought he skated well last night. Bob and Paul were giving him some much-needed love and the media production was giving me lovely close-ups of him. Yay. Thank you FSN Pittsburgh! :)

Fleury went 22/23 for the night and is 7-0. MAF is great. I'll say it time and time again.

I can't spend too much time on here because I've got to drive to a bar to watch the Steelers destroy the Brownies at 10 AM so I'll sign-off now and leave you with this:
(Can't post pics today for some reason)

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