Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kris Letasty is better than you

We've had two games this week so far, on Wednesday and Thursday. They were nothing alike. Wednesday's game against the Yotes had the Pens playing sloppy. they weren't working together, they looked kind of drunk out there on the ice taking dumb penalties (10 total!) The Yotes' 2 goals unshockingly both came from Power Plays and the 3rd was an empty netter. I think we should have beaten them. It looked like we weren't even trying. I'm not a big fan of Brent johnson in goal. He did ok, but he's no MAF. I guess they figured Brent could handle the Coyotes' offense. There was at least one time where he just stood there and did nothing as they came on the attack and scored. It was like, "what the hell are you doing?! Do something!" Did our boys go out and have too much fun the night before the game? Wtf? No excuse. 3-0. never like to see a shutout. Alright, get your heads back in the fucking game boys because we've got a long season ahead.

Against the Flyers on Thursday we looked mostly back in form so I don't know what the fuck Wednesday's game was all about. Malkin played terrible in that game. But I'm not here to criticize the team, I'm here to provide support and entertain you with colorful commentary. Malkin came out immediately like the ususal BAMF that he is and scored giving the Pens a 1-nothing lead. Awesome. Staalsy got a goal in the 1st period also and did Billy G got one not long into the 2nd. Always like to see these guys score. Colburn gave us a goal in the 2nd which we'll gladly take. Nothing like a guy getting an own goal. haha sucka. Staalsy was pleased. GoGo gets credit for it. Meh, you already know how I feel about him. TK scored what ends up being the game winner and you wish this had been a home game just so we can see Mr. Kennedy on the jumbotron announce it.
Craig Adams had a sick body check. It was hott. MAF had some unreal saves in this game.
MAF > Brent Johnson. He was also getting beat up. Flyers players ran into Fleury at least twice and nothing was done by the refs which is ridiculous.

At the end of the game, with I-kid-you-not 2 seconds left (!), my fav, Kris Letang, denies Scott Hartnell a scoring chance to make the game tied at 4-4. Hartnell then proceeds to grab Kris, throw him into the net which comes unhinged, and then wrestles him to the ice. Letang was just doing his job. In the middle of the scrum Hartnell bites Kris's finger. That is the alligation anyways. We can't see it from all the players around them, but after the refs come and break it up, Kris skates away holding his hand in pain. Wtf, this is not the Doner party. Chris Pronger was choking Chris Kunitz while the refs were right there! Total barbaricism by the Flyers. You should not resort to cannibalism to try to win the game. There was two seconds left! Ridic. It looks like Hartnell bit the ring finger on Kris's right hand. You can see it bandaged up in his post-game interview.

He didn't say that Hartnell bit him, but instead that "he knows what he did." Scott Hartnell, Kris Letang is better than you. Class act. Love you Tanger.

Here is a video of the scrum. Thanks to Stan over at Pens Head for the footage.
Here's Kris's post-game interview.

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