Tuesday, October 13, 2009

President's Day

Columbus Day? Thanksgiving? Psh. President's Day came early on October 12th. President Kennedy dominated the 2nd period of Monday's game against the Ottawa Senators.

Things I'd like to mention:

Billy G's goal was amazing. The way he dove to get the shot in the net off his own rebound was awesome. At the age he is (38), really throwing his body out there to get the goal was great to see. Love you, Billy G. Major props for effort.

Chris Kunitz was really working hard. I never mention him so I thought it was time he got some acknowledgement for all the hard work he puts into each shift on the ice. Some nice hits against the glass too, as usual :)

Staal looked a little clumsy- he was a bit off. Jay McKee totally saved his ass once after he let a puck get past him and there was another time someone else saved him later in the game - I just forget who it was right now. However, I will say this, that is not typical of Staalsy so I will let it slide. He is crazy talented. Let's remember that he did get a rebound goal against the Sens off of Mike Rupp's shot.

TK's first goal of the night was great. Lucky it got past Leclaire like that. I'll take it! His 2nd goal was a sweet ass slapshot. Loved it! Clutch goals fersher. TK OWNED the 2nd period. Really wanted to see the President record his first career Hat Trick. Oh well, next time, TK. You will get it soon. He is a great player and the Cooke-Staal-Kennedy 3rd line is so solid. Love those boys.

I really like seeing Staal on Malkin's line. I think those two together could do some real damage. Of course you don't want to destroy the awesomeness of the solid 3rd line I just talked about, but it would be nice if Danny Balls experimented with that line change this season because I think it could be really effective. Staalsy is just SO GOOD for the age he is, which is only 21 as of September, I believe.

MAF is a beast. He played SUCH a good game. Yay Flower. Awesome. That's all you can say about the guy. Champion goaltending right therrrr. He was a wall all night. Solid. Oh and:

Dear Sens,

When there's only about 5 minutes left in the 3rd period, don't pull a page out of the Flyer's book and think running into our awesome goalie is going to help you win the game.

The Sportsnet commentators just said that when the Penguins visited the White House after their championship season last year, Mario walked onto the stage and Billy G goaded him by asking, "And you are?" which is a reference to when Mario first won the cup and visted the White House back after the 1991 Cup Finals. George Sr. was the Prez at the time and asked Mario that. Can you believe it?! hahahaha

Random information about that trip to the White House: The Pens were the first NHL team to ever visit the White House, period. That's legit.

Pens win 4-1 against the Sens. Woooo!

Wednesday's game is a... wait for it... 2-Staal brother game! Eric and the Canes take on Jordan and the Pens. Staal Brothers Drinking Game! We all know how things went down the last time these two teams played. Malkin had the most amazing goal I have ever seen during Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Final and I immediately fell in love with him when he scored that goal.

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