Friday, October 16, 2009

Let's go retro

Today's post is in reply to Joe Concha's MSN Fox Sports article "Best/worst of NFL's retro uniforms."

First off, I want to throw out the disclaimer that my somewhat hostile responses are all in good fun. I really shouldn't need to say that, but I just wanted everyone to be clear on it before I begin. These are totally my opinions and I don't care if you agree with me or not. All pics are from Getty Images. I'm not going to respond to every team uniform Concha has mentioned, but just a select few.

Joe says:
Lame outfit: Broncos

Hey, San Diego Padres of 1984: Eat your heart out!
I agree that the yellow and brown aren't the best mix, but come on, there's something about Denver's socks that are mesmerizing in an awesomely ridiculous way. Btw, you know everyone was talking about them, so really, they were getting noticed and giving them publicity. You know what they say, even bad publicity is still publicity. PS- aren't the Broncos first in their division?

Joe says:
Lame outfit: Jets (formerly the Titans)

Remember the Titans? After looking at these uniforms, we don't want to!

Wtf? I could look at this uni all day! I think it's hott! I wish the Steelers had this as their retro uni instead. I love everything about it- the stripe down the pant leg, the number, the sleeves... it's classic.

Joe says:
Lame outfit: Steelers

How many fans in the stands do you ever see wearing these things? Would you drop over your hard-earned money for the brown and yellow when you could pay the same amount and go classic black and gold instead? I thought not.

Um, me, bitch. I own a Roethlisberger throwback. I don't wear it anymore, though, because all three times I did, we lost. That jersey is cursed and I will probably never wear it again. I wore it when I watched the Colts and Chargers play in the AFC playoffs last year. Being from San Diego, naturally I was rooting for Peyton and the Colts since I hate the Chargers. Guess what, the Chargers won that game, damnit, thus further proving that my throwback jersey is cursed. That's 60 dollars I will never get back... I never really thought the throwback uni was brown, more like dark navy/black. And our throwback helmets are sickkkkk. Love them, hater. Of course I like our regular uniforms better; they are one of the best unis in the league! They scream dominance and who doesn't love hypocycloids?

Joe says:
Lame outfit: Eagles

Why, oh why, go back to a uniform color and scheme absolutely NO ONE remembers???
Why the hate, Joe? What's wrong with the powder blue and yellow? I actually like these colors together. I don't understand how you can criticize the Eagles' throwbacks and then praise the Rams' hideous blue and bright I-will-go-blind-highlighter-yellow throwback uniforms.

Joe says:
Lame outfit: Buccaneers

Ok, but then he says, "Tampa has the coolest throwbacks out there."

So, which is it, hypocrite? Do you like them or not?

I'm gonna go with 2nd coolest with the 1st being the Jets/Titans. Tampa's throwbacks remind me of vintage USC. Love it. Too bad they don't get to wear their's this year.

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