Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pretty in pink

Steelers win against the Chargers 38-28. It shouldn't even have been a 10 point game but whatevs, let's not dwell on it. A win's a win. Our boys looked pretty in pink as the NFL is showing it's support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Ben threw for 333 yards, had 2 touchdowns, and no interceptions.

Rashard Mendenhall finally stepped up big and had a great game. He rushed for 165 yards on 29 carries and had 2 touchdowns.

Heath had a pretty good game with 2 touchdowns of his own and 8 catches for 70 yards.

Hines had 8 catches for 113 yards and had a SICK hit on some sad Charger, I forget who at the moment. Someone seriously needs to make a gif of that and then email it to me. Do it.

Mewelde Moore had 1 touchdown and threw to Heath Miller for one as well. That was awesome. Memo was 1 for 1 and something like 19 yards on that trick city play.

Pens win both games, Pirates win their game, Steelers win their game. City of Champions.

Thanks to the Morning Freak Show for letting me steal borrow stats.

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