Sunday, July 19, 2009

DVD review

Sorry for being absent for so long, I've been busy. Here is the (maybe long awaited) DVD review I promised. I'm going to list these because it's just easier that way. Deal with it!

First off, cool dvd menu page. Like the rocker music and clips. It's hardcore.

Really liked the combination of the mix of clips and interviews together.

Love that they're all wearing their champions hats during their interviews.

It's presented in nice HD quality, unlike some dvds.

Craig Adams looks adorable in his commentary interviews.

Kris Letang looked so good in a suit arriving at Mellon Arena
before game 3 of the SCF.

It's bittersweet to see Hal Gill's commentary. He looks like
he's teary-eyed the whole time.

Of course they had to address the 6-men-on-the-ice lack of a call
during game 3... Sid reminds us all that we were lucky to get away
with it. 'Bout time for some luck to come our way, I say.

I like that the dvd focuses more on the Pens' good games rather
than lingering on games 1 and 2 of the series. While they didn't
play horribly in either of those games, they really didn't have
the momentum until game 3. As Phil Bourque reminds us, the script
was changing from the year before. Game 3 was when things started
to get really interesting... everyone expected the Wings to
dominate the series so when they took games 1 and 2, no one
was surprised. Kris Letang's tying goal in game 3 was a big
shift. PS- Love Phil Bourque <3
Love that they show a shot of the ice when it flashed : Nothing
Worth Winning Ever Came Easy

Shows a lot of good highlights: staalsy's shorthanded goal in game 4: epic

I liked that we got to see a little Dan Potash get his chance to speak his
mind in there :)

The segment on Bill Guerin was touching and sweet. I love how
much the boys look up to him as a veteran leader even though he
has only been with the team since March of this year. His jab at
Sidney in line was amusing too.

So glad they mentioned Mario's text message. Mark Eaton said it
best: it sends chills down your spine. I think I almost cried
when I first read this article on it.

Media whores: PH staff was right to give Brooks Oprik the gold

2nd place: probably Phil Bourque, but that's ok, we love you.

3rd Mark Eaton

4th maybe Sidney, but he's the captain and you expect them to include a lot of his commentary just based on that alone.

It's nice to see some highlights with Mike Lange's radio broadcast voice-over.

Epic music

The pictures from the parade were great at the end

Bonus Materials:

The wisdom of Bill Guerin was great

Billy G yelling at Geno for being lazy on the bench haha

Staalsy yelling, "Ahhhhh!" twice during practice when Billy was
wired haha

Getting to see the parade was special for me in particular because I live in San Diego and was unable to go to Pittsburgh as I had to be at work on that Monday morning.

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