Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The start of something new

This year has been one of the greatest in my life, and yes, it is exactly what you think: because of Pittsburgh sports. I'm writing this blog to organize my thoughts and for you to enjoy.

Ask anyone who knows me and they will say how much I love sports and Pittsburgh. They go hand-in-hand. I was once at a meet-and-greet meeting at work. In typical introduction fashion, I stated how long I had been with the company and what my job position was there. It was my boss and several co-workers who then cut-in and declared my love of the Steelers for me. All I could do was confirm that yes, I love the Steelers and think they are the best football organization that ever existed and yes, I did go to the Super Bowl in Tampa. (It was effing amazing in case you really needed to ask.)

It's true during football and hockey season the enjoyment level of each weekend depends on how my teams are doing. When we're winning, Monday is a great day at work; when we're losing, it can be the worst. But this is 2009. Pittsburgh is the "City of Champions" once again. I wasn't alive during the first go-around so I'm going to enjoy this summer and revel in the fact that Pittsburgh is the only city to bring home a Lombardi Trophy and Stanley Cup in the same year.

This blog is essentially no different than me talking to a few of my co-workers on a Monday morning about the latest game. I am going to share my opinions and thoughts on the Black & Gold and hope you stick around for the season... or two... or three...

Note: Today is Canada Day (in Canada.) I want to salute Canada for the creation of such fine-ass hockey players like Max Talbot and Marc-Andre Fleury.

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