Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We are the champions, my friends...

The DVD is finally here! Everyone go out and buy your copy if you have not done so already. Tangers and the President were continuing their promotional tour by signing copies bought at Dick's Sporting Goods stores and Giant Eagles in Pittsburgh. If I lived there I would have waited indefinitely for Kris. Since I'm in SoCal, I'll have to settle for a pre-ordered copy to come in the mail anytime between today and eventually.

I hear it's worth the money. At this point, anything is better than nothing. I'm worried my DVR is going to delete Game 7 and all of the post-game interviews even if I have them set to "Do Not Delete", I don't trust it. I would have kept all of the playoff games if my DVR had an abundant amount of memory but since it does not, I had to delete previous games in order to make room for the next one. That left me with only a Game 7 (as magical as it was) to relive. With the DVD, I'll be able to relive highlights of the regular season, playoffs and the final series. Nothing is sweeter than seeing previously injured Sidney Crosby skating on the ice with the Cup over his head.

Here's a link to buy it: Click me. Do it. Do it now.
Starsky & Hutch style.

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