Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Today's obviously a Tuesday...

This is gold right here...
Kris Letang and Tyler Kennedy have been promoting the Pens' Stanley Cup Champions DVD (released today, more on that later) and stopped into KDKA's studio long enough to give us the weather. This is the greatest thing to hit the internet today. These videos of them alone might be better than the Champions DVD (just kidding.) Thanks to Empty Netters for the find and the glorious screenshot of Kris in his element.

As a teaser, I want to give you some amazing quotes that come from these videos which illustrate how realistic and convincing these guys are at doing the weather forcast:

"Not so much here, more here"

"Not so much over here... but more right here"

"Right now it's unusual cool"

"Some more air's coming throughout the week"

And the gold medal goes to: "Today's obviously a Tuesday..."

And those are just TK's greatest moments.

Here are Tanger's:

"There's a hot spot there, right there, in the middle of the US"

"Tueday, behind me... with a low of 58.. probably at night?"

"Saturday, you're not lucky"

I would watch if they did this full-time. They rival Matt Baylow. CBS news is the best; San Diego, Pittsburgh... I'm convinced.

So without further ado, I give you:

I hope you enjoy them at least half as much as I did. Thanks to P.S.A.M.P. for the vids.
Some worthy things to note: What about John Burnett's creepy touching of both Tyler and Kris? Is he following in Pierre McGuire's footsteps? Sure looks that way. He grills Tyler about his vacation plans but seems to favor Tanger a bit more over the President with his comments of, "sounds like an invitation" when TK reveals to everyone that Tangers is going to the Bahamas and cuts him off mid-sentence in order to give Kris more air time.
"Kris, you wanna take over?" Sorry Mr. President, I guess your time is up.
Further evidence shows that John Burnett thinks Kris's French accent is "sexy." It's ok John, I agree. "It's a whole lot more romantic to listen to the weather forcast in French," John noted. He then added, "As long as it's Kris, you stud muffin, you." Ok, maybe not that last part, but he was probably thinking it.
Everyone wants a piece of Letang because the female news anchor chips in, "I could listen to it in French all night long!" Ok, stop throwing yourself at him, woman, he doesn't want you. Besides, John already called dibbs.

Lastly, notice Kris's little dance at the end of the second vid. Very cute. <3>

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