Sunday, July 12, 2009

One month ago

Exactly one month ago the Pens were throwing their gloves into the air and skating over to Fleury in front of the net to congratulate their teammates on a winning season that ended with the Stanley Cup in tow. On that glorious Friday night in Joe Louis Arena is when Max Talbot stepped up and showed the world that he was a champion. Let the celebration continue on throughout the summer and all next season long!
Here's another reason why we won: Yanni was on our side.
I've been a Yanni fan since 1996, when the Olympics were held in Atlanta, Georgia. That year the Women's US Gymnastics team won the Gold Medal for the team all-around. Girls like Dominique Moceanu and Keri Strug made headlines with their courageous performances on beam and vault. There was one girl representing China that had glorious floor music; it was BiWenjing and her routine to Yanni's "Within Attraction" that caught my ear.
So Yanni, you are alright in my book. Thanks for the support. Let's go Pens!

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