Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Silver and Gold...

Here's a nice little tidbit for you today. The 2008 Comissioner's Trophy (World Series) along with the 43rd Vince Lombardi trophy and thee Stanley Cup were all on display today at the Capitol building in Harrisburg, PA. It is the first time all three trophies have been on display together. The Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series back in October of this season. Only recently has the trophy included flags representing all the MLB teams in the National and American Leagues. The Commissioner's Trophy is made of gold whereas the Steelers' and Penguins' are made of silver. The Steelers were the first team in NFL history to win their sixth Vince Lombardi trophy, the 43rd handed out thus far. Then there is thee Stanley Cup. I emphasize how special it is becuse it is the only one. The Comissioner's Trophy has been redesigned a few times over the years and whoever wins the Super Bowl gets their own Vince Lombardi trophy. That is what's so great about hockey. There is only one cup. Whoever wins the cup has it for the year, that's it. Dan Bylsma will get his name engraved on it, but he won't get to walk past six of them on his way to work like the Steelers do.

Yay Pennsylvania!

Personally, I think the Cup shows its domination of the other two just by looking at it. And because this is all about me and my opinion, I prefer silver to gold. Therefore, it is only natural to conclude that Da 'Burgh's 2trophies > Philly's 1

Of course Yukon Cornelius wouldn't mind either one.

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