Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Superstar treatment

Today Max Talbot underwent surgery on his left shoulder. This was a surprise to many as fans were unaware of any injury. According to Penguins GM, Ray Shero, Max had been playing with the injury "for some time now." They felt it was best that they wait to have any surgery until after the season. Good move boys. As everyone knows, our Maxie scored both of the goals in the big 2-1 Game 7 win over the Detroit Red Wings. It was sweet, sweet redemption after the 2007-2008 season where the Pens made it to the finals against Detroit then had to watch as the visitor hoisted the Cup over their heads on the Pens home ice. But not this year!

Max owns fattie Osgood. Dreaming of cupcakes again there, Chris?

Max's shoulder looked ok to me as he was hoisting the cup over his head during the on-ice celebration, what do you think:

Looks like sweet victory to me. And I like it.

When Sergei Gonchar had a similar shoulder injury earlier, he missed 4.5 months. Hopefully our superstar won't be out that long. It is good that he had the surgery soon after the season, but since the Pens won the cup they have a shorter off-season than the rest of the NHL which means less time for Max to heal. He may miss 1-2 months of the regular season. Hopefully it's not 5 months. We love you Max, glad to hear the surgery was successful and hope you are recovering well. If you need a nurse, call me up.

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